Saturday, August 21, 2010

Women, ladies and girls...

D003 - checkered dress
Length: 79 cm
72 cm
Waist: 66 cm (elastic)
more than 100 cm
Stretchable: No
Price: RM28.00
Colour(s): Red, Yellow and Pink

D010 - cute pinafore

Length: 81 cm
Bust: N/A
Waist: 64 cm (elastic)
Hip: 102 cm

Stretchable: No
Price: RM28.90
Colour(s): Grey, Blue, Sea Blue and Light Blue
Additional Remarks: Comes with a black spaghe
tti top.

D002 - big bow dress

Length: 80 cm
Bust: 74 cm
Waist: 84 cm
Hip: 84 cm
Stretchable: Yes
Price: RM34.00

Colour(s): Black, Gold, Silver and Grey

D009 - sexy toga dress

Length: 73 cm
Bust: 72 cm
Waist: 114 cm
Hip: 148 cm

Stretchable: Yes
Price: RM38.00
Colour(s): White, Black , Brown and Purple
♥ Left only Black..restockable..

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